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Illuminated Midrash Mash-up

The 2010 YU Arts Festival kicks off the Teaching Artist in Residency, March 21, 2010.

A hands-on workshop exploring Jewish visual history.

Participants drew from images taken from current YU Museum exhibitions using the language of comix to dissect, remix, and collage images from Jewish history. The event included a gallery tour of the latest exhibitions at the museum and then we created our own Illuminated Midrash Comix.

Comix Autopsy

Join comics editor Jeff Newelt AKA JahFurry (Pekar Project, Heeb, SMITH, Royal Flush) and comics creators Miss Lasko-Gross (A Mess of Everything), Chari Pere (, Eli Valley (EV Comics, The Jewish Daily Forward), and JT Waldman (Megillat Esther) as they dissect and expose the underbelly of Jewish ties to the comic book industry.

An evening of Jewish artists deconstructing comix in honor of the 2010 MOCCA Festval.

YU Cross-cultural Comix Workshop

An after-school workshop that I led in Washington Heights for the Progressive Dominican Alliance After-School Program with the help of some Yeshiva Univeristy student volunteers.

Kids were introduced to the story of the megillah and then asked to make their own mini comix.

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